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150 million people take a vitamin/mineral supplement. 95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements sold are synthetic. If you knew your nutritional supplements were made of rocks and petroleum… Would you switch to one sourced from real foods?

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        8 Oct 2014, 10:48 am

        Testimonies by Tiamari

        Just imagine what Mannatech can do for YOU!

        Some of the testimonies below were not given to me in writing. If one of these testimonies is yours, and you find any discrepansies whatsoever, please contact me immediately. (Updated 30 April 2014)

        Mannatech nutritional products are designed to maintain health and general well-being. Mannatech makes only those claims for its products that are on product labels or in Mannatech-approved promotional materials for the U.S. Mannatech nutritional products are not promoted for the prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease and are not intended to substitute for a doctor's care or for proven therapy.


        In 2009 I had a back operation for an impact injury on the disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. In 2011 I started experiencing bad back pain again and returned to the neurosurgeon in September to check what the problem was.

        After a MRI scan he said that the 2 discs above the repaired disc also had bad damage and that I needed a operation again. I said that was no problem as I was desperate to get rid of the pain. He then said that the damage was not bad enough at that stage for a operation and needed to wait a year, he suggested I use pain medication for the year to manage the pain.

        I used 4 to 6 pain pills a day, a very strong type of medication was all that helped. In November of 2011 I started using the core 5 Mannatech products and was pain free in 2 weeks, I have never needed to go for the operation.

        Last week I ended up in hospital with kidney stones, not drinking enough water. A CT scan was done which also includes the vertebrae that had been damaged. On the scan there is no sign of the operation and even better is that the damage on the other discs is non-existent.

        Thank you Mannatech for a great product, it has changed my life.

        Jeanette (Werner’s Wife)

        Jeanette, a diabetic, is 32 years old and had to inject herself with insulin 4 times a day. She started taking Mannatech products and now only need to use insulin every second day.

        Chantal Burroughs

        I started having problems with my hips in May 2013, but x-rays did not show anything. By January 2014, sitting, standing and lying down caused excruciating pains in my hips and x-rays showed osteoarthritis. Pain in my lower back was confirmed by the start of potential osteoarthritis in x-rays. My husband was at the point of organising a wheelchair for me and the doctor was saying I would need full replacements of both hips in the next few years. Official diagnosis was made the day after I had started Advanced Ambrotose and BounceBack amongst other Mannatech products. Within a month I had the occasional niggle in my hips, and within 2 months, I was able to sit cross-legged on my bed. The idea of a wheelchair and of hip replacements are a thing of the past and I am so thankful.

        I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis many years ago and have had to be treated for chest infections regularly and colonic faecal loading (stools cemented in my colon so that I looked permanently 9 months pregnant for at least 2 years in spite of treatment).

        In the past, my inflammation markers in my blood were 37. Normal range is <5. When I was in hospital in March/April 2014, my marker was sitting at 6! Inflammation is a huge cause of bodily harm and lung damage in CF, so this is amazing!

        By October 2013, I was using 3 different medications to empty my colon. By the time I started using Mannatech products, I looked 5-6 months pregnant most of the time. I noticed that my stomach started working better about 2 months after starting the Advanced Ambrotose. I am now down to 1 medication 2-3 times a week only and people cannot believe how flat my tummy is looking :)

        I am so thrilled to be able to say that Mannatech products work.

        Anneline Taljaard

        This account was given by Peet Taljaard, Anneline’s husband.

        Anneline used to take 3 to 5 Brufen tablets every day. She had such pain that she had a little get-out-of-bed ritual which involved sitting up first, locking back muscles, holding on to side table… There was no jumping out of bed to greet the day.

        She was also on heart tablets (Sota-Kar or something like that). She was born with a heart problem and had a heart attack in 2005. Since then she has been on rhythm beta blockers and dared not skip a single dose. If she did, she had frightening heart palpitations.

        Anneline was also plagued by Migraines.

        On 15 July 2013 they started working the Mannatech business, and had a small bottle of Ambrotose tablets in the house, which they previously bought but never bothered to take. She took 2 tablets at night and 2 in the morning. After 5 days, she got up normally, without the usual excruciating pain! That afternoon at 1:00pm, she excitedly showed Peet that she was able to touch her toes.

        She continued taking rest of the Ambrotose tablets, but after another 5 days the bottle was finished. Within 2 days the pain was back.

        She is now taking Ambrotose regularly and recently did her first 5km Parkrun!

        But there’s more! One evening she was working late and forgot to take her heart tablets. She forgot again the next day and somehow never took it for a full 4 days. She then took one heart tablet every SECOND day instead of every day. When her tablets were finished, she was unable to get a new prescription right away, so she started using Mannatech Cardio Balance. When she finally got the heart tablets prescription she never even bothered to take them and has now been completely OFF the heart tablets for 5 months!

        Anneline also told me personally about other frustrating health issues that miraculously disappeared.


        Haemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body's ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken. Rico has been suffering from Haemophlia since birth.

        Whenever the pain gets too much he has to use plasma to get rid of the blood inside the muscle. Usually it would take 3 months to take effect and reduce the pain.

        Now that Rico is taking Mannatech Ambrotose, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for the plasma to take effect.

        After only 2 months on Mannatech Ambrotose he also found that his heart function increased from 47% to 63% and his blood sugar levels were lowered from 12 to 6 (he is diabetic).

        Not only that, but his hairdresser recently noticed amazing regrowth of the hair in his bald spot!

        Nelia (Rico’s Mom)

        Nelia, who also had thinned hair, noticed improvement in her hair as well as a major improvement in the arthritis in her fingers. She has been taking the products since January.

        Steve Haggard

        Steve was on 5 different chronic medications, and his skin was in pretty bad shape. He is now looking healthier than ever and does not need to take any medication!

        Brenda Swanepoel

        Brenda suffers from asthma and epilepsy and could literally not walk from her front door to her back door. She was using her asthma pump up to 12 times a day. After 1 month on Mannatech Ambrotose she was taking a 10min walk to the local Pick’n Pay!

        Her skin was also hyper sensitive to the sun and she now enjoys small outings to the beach.

        Juanita Schoeman

        Juanita’s dream was to be pain free one day. Her dream came true after only 5 days on Mannetech products! She told her story at a Mannatech meeting only 2 weeks after she started taking the products – she is now able to hug her daughter again!

        Estelle Burley

        My friend Estelle wouldn’t join us in the parkrun cause of her back problem and asthma. She started using Mannatech products last year. She finally got permission from her doctor, to WALK the parkrun, and she is now doing regular 5km RUNS! I also noticed that her skin is looking fresher.

        My Story (Tiamari)

        I don’t have much of a story to tell, as I have been lucky and blessed with good health. However, I did struggle to loose some extra weight in recent years. I started using Mannatech Empact towards the middle of last year and lost so much weight, so fast, that I almost thought I was ill! My weight is now stabilized at 54kg and I feel absolutely great!

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